PF 2019

Přeji moc štěstí a krás v roce 2019. All the best and beautiful in the year 2019.

Notification: Later response due to the trip to Japan

Dear customers, due to the trip to Japan, planned for October, 6th to 21st, the response to your inquiries and orders may be delayed, latest to the last week of October. Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to your continuous support, Václav Kučera

New customered maki-e pen

Fresh new finish maki-e pen will be send to Taiwan soon. Have a look on its elegant design. 

Shin-zen-bi – twins 

Right now processing two scrolls for Japanese archery dojo. One for Prague Takinobori-kai, the second is free yet. The meaning is True-good-beautiful. Three main attributes of any shot in kyudo. The result you can see below. The right one is free so far. Author of calligraphy: Mari Kučera

Urusi-Inden with a stand on the Bodaijyu Matsuri 2016, Prague

For the first time we have opened a stand on the Bodaijyu Matsuri 2016 in Prague, Vysehrad scenic and historic site. Big thank to all who came to see our offer. We hope you all brought back home a big piece of happiness and good feeling from a nice design.

New buttons on stock

I have purchased a new stock of buttons, now especially smaller sizes and cabochons (buttons without the back hole). If you like, you can come and select.

New caligraphy scroll made on order

Just finished a scroll on order – “Even in close relation make clear borders”

Scroll “Kokuu” in the National Gallery in Prague

Scroll made in my workshop is on display in the Czech National Gallery, on the exhibition dedicated to shakuhachi flute to the occassion of the 10th year of Prague International Shakuhachi Festival. The calligraphy is a name of traditional composition for shakuhachi flute – “Kokuu (Empty sky)”.

New types of glass buttons

We have prepared new types of glass buttons available in our shop.

Spring in Czech

This is cloudy spring in Czech Republic. I believe that the environment influences design produced by our craftsmen.


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